Youth Ministry- Guardians of our Faith (G.O.O.F.)

 Teen Faith Formation & Fun

In addition to Confirmation preparation for 9th and 10th graders, our parish invites teens to experience our faith through good works, worship and fun community activities. Our goal is to help them understand how God offers strength, comfort and love in as they finish high school and continue their faith journeys as adults.


Each summer, our teen missionaries go to Harlan, KY serving the poor of Appalachia. Teens attending our youth ministry events are invited to apply for the annual Mission Trip which takes place every July.

  Thank you, Dr. Richard Grayson


Our Confirmation Coordinator

Richard Grayson, PhD., continues to lead our Confirmation prep program but has decided to resign from his leadership of our Youth Ministry, as of November 1, 2017. We will always be grateful for way he encouraged our teens to become closer to God and celebrate our faith in their every day lives.

In a recent statement he said,

"It is with mixed emotions that I inform you I have officially resigned as Youth Minister of our parish. I will be remaining on as the Confirmation Coordinator for at least this current class 2017-18.

Please understand that I have spent a lot of time and prayerful contemplation on this decision. Professional and personal obligations have given me cause to reflect, and the reality is that St. Thomas’ Youth Ministry requires someone who can dedicate the time necessary to develop the program; something which I have found I cannot do as effectively as I had hoped.  That being said, I would like to thank Angela, Father Tom, Father Dom, Sister Beth, and all of the teens and parents who have dedicated their time and efforts to GOOF over the past 3 years. I would like to believe that we have made a difference in our own special way. 

On a positive note, Angela and Fr. Tom have graciously requested that I stay involved in our yearly Mission Trip planning to Appalachia to which I have agreed. I have also indicated that while I can no longer be involved in the creation, planning, and implementation of program activities and events, that I will be available to assist and mentor teens should the need arise.  

In closing, I am truly humbled at having been given the gift of being allowed the opportunity to share in God’s Plan with you and your teens.  I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has a plan; one that will be revealed in time. " 


If you See Dr. G in church, please be sure thank him for his service!

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