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From the Desk of Fr. Dom Regarding "Passing on Our Faith"

Posted by Marie Pelaccia on 2/14/13

 From Dom's Desk:

  To read the U.S. Catholic February 2013 Edition article regarding Thomas Groome's latest book, Will There Be Faith?: A New Vision for Educating and Growing Disciples  that Fr. Dom speaks of throughout these following thoughts please click here.



They called ... Read More »

What the Church Says About Cremation - Mary Jane Calladio, Pastoral Care Coordinator

Posted by Marie Pelaccia on 1/09/13

What does the Church say about cremation?  

Cremation is permitted by the Church.  It is permitted, but that has not always been the case.  Why the prohibition in the past?  It all relates to the Catholic belief that the body is the “temple of the Holy Spirit.”  The ... Read More »