The St. Thomas the Apostle Bereavement Ministry provides support
for adults grieving the loss of a loved one.  

We do this in a variety of ways including: Monthly support groups, the 10 week New Day seminar and the one day Good Grief seminar. Through these venues, the bereavement ministry seeks to provide a safe place where the bereaved can gain an understanding of the grief process, have the opportunity to talk through their experiences, and explore their thoughts and feelings with others who are also grieving the loss of a loved one. Doing so will assist the bereaved in working through their grief on their journey to healing so that they, once again, will be able to enjoy a happy and productive life with memories of their loved one.

The next 10-week New Day Program begins on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 and will end on December 3, 2019.

Each session is held from 1:30-3:30 PM in the lower parish center. 

Registration is required and can be done by calling the parish office at 203-888-2382, extension 121 



Please call Maryjane in the parish office for upcoming programs at  (203) 888-2382 extension 121  

 Who Are We?

      St. Thomas the Apostle has trained Bereavement Facilitators:
 Maryjane Calladio
Dennis Galemba
Carol Flament
Gigi Pohl
Elizabeth Ward
Lorene Anderson

Carol Flament was recently awarded the Saint Joseph Medal of Appreciation for her stewardship to the

Bereavement Ministry of Saint Thomas for 17 years. Carol also gives of her time to assist with funerals.

Saint Thomas is grateful for all you do and proud you were the recipient of the award. 




What Do We Offer?

 A free, structured 10 week program using the book, "The New Day Journal - A Journey from Grief to Healing" written by Mauryeen O'Brien. Each week participants work through one task of grieving followed by a reflection and sharing. Upon completion of the New Day bereavement program step outside where the Prayer of Faith, Hope and Love (at the bottom of the page) is read and a Sky Lantern is symbolically released. Our next 10- week New Day Program is scheduled to begin October 1, 2019. You may register by call Maryjane in the parish office at 203-888-2382 ext. 121 


     What do past participants say about their experiences?

  "I found the New day Program to be exactly what it was intended to be...a JOURNEY from grief to healing. It allowed time for the person grieving to do just that - without judgement from others, but rather with much love and support from complete strangers who could identify with your needs. Each week's meeting became: "A place to listen, yet be heard."     "A place to cry, yet also laugh."     "A place to find peace, yet never be over your loss."     "A place to create lifelong friendships." I recommend taking the time for YOU as you work through this process."

  "I am grateful for the Grief Group. They helped me grieve and heal with the death of my parents. I spread the good news of this Grief Group how wonderful they are and how it is to go through the grieving process with others."

  "Thank you for talking when we were all crying, thank you for listening when we were all sharing, thank you for your patience, understanding and compassion."

 "Thank you Grief Group for helping me through those dark times."



Prayer of Faith, Hope and Love 

Let me know be firm in my faith as my end draws ever nearer.  
When my time comes, let me depart this life peacefully, and join my family and friends,
waiting for me on the other side, now more of them gone than remaining here below.  
The sands of my time are running out...I am yours, Lord, now and forever, in faith, in hope, in love!  
Please, please, hold me ever in Your heart.  
Let their souls rise blazingly bright once more, and please receive them Jesus into shining and eternal glory with You!
All this I pray to You My good Redeemer, in hope and confidence and burning ardent love. Amen.